The Democrats are Giving Away the Election

I watched about five minutes of the Democrat convention. Five minutes is all I could take.

The problem was it was all so fake.

Both parties have been lying to the people for so long, that neither can confront the truth. The political system gave the country away to Big Oil and the Military Industrial Complex and Big Pharma and the Insurance Industry and Wall Street. They sold the people out for campaign donations.

Now the politicians can’t reconcile their past with the present.

When you watch them speechify, you can tell they’re lying. They know they’re lying, and they know that you know that they’re lying. They make speeches to sway the voters with room temperature IQs. But a lot of the voters with room temperature IQs are listening to people they trust. And guess what. The people they trust aren’t politicians.

The internet didn’t make us individually smarter, but it changed the collective wisdom, by giving more people a voice.

And after a generation of lies, the people want authenticity.

And Mr. Trump has been faking authenticity for years. Fake authenticity is Mr. Trump’s key brand feature. He amassed his dubious fortune by convincing people that he was the real thing, even after repeatedly proving that he wasn’t.

But to fix American, Mr. Trump didn’t take on Big Oil and the Military Industrial Complex and Big Pharma and the Insurance Industry and Wall Street. He went after immigrants. China. NATO. Muslims. NAFTA.

He punched down, like a bully.

And now the voters have to decide between a career politician and a career huckster.

God save us all.


  1. Well, I don’t view this quite as darkly as you, Rich. I think that Biden and his people have done a better job so far than did Hillary and her team, last go ’round. I do know that they have to keep their message out their and attack all the hate and stupid and fear and zombie-making from the assholes on the right. I certainly will vote, early (and often is what we used to say), and I am encouraging everyone I know to do the same. And, yes, I will proudly vote for the Dems, at any level.

  2. There are no fence sitters left. IMO, its a binary choice between a colossally incompetent evil clown or the Obama’s #2 guy who helped dig us out of the last huge recession. The DNC did not choose the format, the pandemic did and, being an eternal cynic, I was ready for slop there so my expectations were greatly exceeded as they were for many. Trump has been in the shitter since the day he took office and covid supplied him the opportunity to demonstrate competence and he failed big time. There is no case for Trump. You’re either in his cult chugging bleach n kool aid punch or you’re not. I call BLOWOUT. KJP

  3. Well said, this country is so tired of the same reheated political offerings. Time to restock the pantry.

  4. Ricardo,
    Trump’s not deserving of “Mr.”
    Mad King Donnie. Igolf Twittler. Mango Mussolini. Plenty of more appropriate ways to refer to him without using “Mr.”

  5. I want you El Paso folks to take a look at your hometown and tell me how well the democrats have taken care of business on a local level!. I rest my case…..

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