The Death of Democracy in El Paso

Did you have a voice in the political process

  • when City Council announced on a Thursday that they were going to vote on a ballpark on the next Tuesday?
  • when the City of El Paso decided to put an arena in Duranguito?
  • when the City decided to cram the Mexican American Cultural Center in the downtown library?
  • when City Manager Tommy Gonzalez offered Great Wolf Resorts $40 million to build a Great Wolf Lodge in El Paso?
  • when the City traded 44 acres on the west side for 2,313 acres in northeast El Paso?
  • when City Manager Tommy Gonzalez decided to build 4 water parks?

City Manager Joyce Wilson called people who questioned the ballpark decision “crazies”.

We’re not citizens, we’re subjects. The people who run the City tell us that they know what’s good for us, but they only do what’s good for them.


  1. Political elected positions to better themselves, not better the city.
    My brother always said “I do not ask God for anything. I just ask him to put me there, and I will take care of the rest”. LOL

  2. Which mayoral candidate do you think would do the best at respecting the voters and opposing foolish spending? I’ve been trying to decide between Carbajal and Gallinar.

    1. I’m supporting Carbajal and Leeser. I think Gallinar’s platform, and his ideas, devote too much attention to the built environment. We’ve had fifteen years of focus on the built environment with no positive results.

  3. Don’t make the assumption that Democracy implies that every citizen has a voice. A democracy is run by elected officials who do what they want.


  5. Some here would say that Democracy is an illusion. Well then I guess that it is an illusion only if you vote. If you don’t vote you have no excuse to moan and groan about the government you are ‘stuck with’.

    Lots of good issues addressed in the blog. But the reality of everything is that if you don’t vote, don’t complain. Perhaps something could be done with regard to organizing any type of recall effort.

    Is it possible, as a private citizen, to request from the County Election office, as current listing of registered voters within the county? I believe that it is possible. If need be, start a non-profit organization as some things are not available to private citizens but are open to organizations. Once you have the addresses of the registered voters then next step is to breaking down of the addresses of registered voters to specific districts. That way you can target registered voters in any specific district.

    Lets face it, when it comes to recall efforts, only the signatures of REGISTERED VOTERS will be accepted. It’s fine and dandy to sit outside a store and collect a bunch of signatures which will then need to be vetted as registered voters from the district in question. But sending a form letter to a specific voter is a better use of resources. Sending letters will require resources; paper, printer usage, envelopes, volunteers. The non-profit status enables the usage of reduced postal rates. It also enables the ability to solicit for donations.

    I could go further into this discussion but will close it the disclosure that I no longer live in El Paso, but I am still a property owner. I have a vested interest when it comes to anything that affects my property taxes but I am unable to ‘do anything about it.’

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