The Big Picture

The sad part is that the Borderplex Alliance can’t brag about its successes. At least, not in El Paso. But remember, the organization that spends $2.1 million a year to shape El Paso’s economic future is focused on regional development.

This story in the Albuquerque Journal reveals that five companies are opening shop in Santa Teresa.

Santa Teresa’s two industrial parks in southern New Mexico are about to get busier with the addition of five new companies and nearly 150 jobs.

Gov. Susana Martinez announced plans by the new firms, plus construction of a hotel and 24-hour diner next to Union Pacific Railroad’s new intermodal facility, at a ceremony on Thursday morning.

The sad part is that none of these companies will contribute anything to ameliorate El Paso’s onerous property tax rates. All of their money gets shipped to Santa Fe.

There’s no doubt that El Paso’s pending half a billion dollars in Quality of Life improvements will create even more economic development.

In Santa Teresa.

(Read more at the Albuquerque Journal.)

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