1. l’m guessing the reason the vid was shut down was that it got people exposed to different ideas and concepts, and if we can get people to be informed and play with the idea of actually thinking on a somewhat consistent basis, (thank you Big Tech) they might actually stop goose-stepping like democrats, and we can’t let that happen now, can we? And speaking of which, does anyone else find it strange that on 5/2 (Sat) the CDC posted 37300 deaths directly caused by COV and about 30k was listed as indirectly caused (ex: an 85 year old died of a heart attack but was diagnosed with COV would be placed in the 2nd category.) But then, just one day later, it was (apparently) lumped in together with NO explanation, so l’m assuming it was lumped in. Oh well, nothing unusual about that.
    Now lets look at the U.S. death map: with the possible exception of up to a handful of relatively low pockets of COV deaths, this is mainly a regional (N E) disease. l’m sure that it’s more than a coincidence that right after Trump placed travel restrictions that the Dems countered by actually encouraging people to become real close and even have a parade during the genesis of this pandemic- the most deadliest part of a pandemic.
    Yep, other than destroying major metropolises: NYC, Chicago, LA, Detroit, and even El Paso (55 -70 years ago when the average income was actually higher than the national av.) These dems do something else good….killing Americans: WW1, WW2, Korea, ‘Nam, torching a compound full of women and children, lynching a 1000 black Americans using Katrina as the noose (l’m not surprised since dems have a VERY long history of lynching black Americans.) And poo pooing hydroxychloroquine in conjunction with azithromycin. lt has at least a 75% success rate, but it’s not used enough because it doesn’t have the label of “clinically studied” and more importantly, Trump kinda, sorta suggested it. At least with these repubs, l can have decent, civilized discussions on how misguided they are, try doing that with these animalistic dems – ‘me dunt care bout facts, me jes want mor freebee.’

  2. Please. There is so much wrong with your little rant: First, goose-stepping is, always has been, and always will be, associated, not with Democrats, but with right wing, Nazis, fascists, and republicans! Any problems associated with this horrible pandemic can be easily laid at the feet of that cretin in the white house, and his cronies, who have dumped all over previously existing agencies and systems that could have helped us greatly in this time of need. Please go back to trashing reality some place else. You are an obvious product of trump u, with your lame attempt to try to turn reality against yourselves when forced to look in a mirror.

  3. Anonymous….Get back on your medications, or if you’re not on them, go see a mental health professional. And, please don’t listen to your black lab who is giving you marching directions. Or the voices in your head. You are ranting and raving. To blame Democrats is ridiculous. If President Chump had done his job instead of just focusing on the Economy we would be way better off. He ignored all of the warnings given, and listened instead to Sean Hannity and his son in law, the Boy Blunder–Jared Kushner. They all claimed it was a media hoax and an attempt by Democrats to discredit him. ALL Trump cares about is the Economy. He has NOTHING else to boast about. Hatred. Racist. Divisive. Chump has a long history of racist behavior. On top of that, he doesn’t believe in science. Anyone who disagrees with this thin skinned narcissist is immediately fired. Its a miracle Fauxi and Birx haven’t been terminated by the Orange Cheeto. He leaves his important tasks to The Boy Blunder (Jared) and Ivanka. What are their qualifications? Son in law and daughter. Now he’s fucking up the Corona “task force” by inviting his frat brothers and college roommates. I can’t wait till November when the Chump is sent out of town. BTW….please ask your dear leader to repay El Paso the $500,000 that he still owes the city. BEFORE he gets fired in November.

    1. Yep, these are truly democrats….millions of insults with zero facts to back anything up. Nazism is a national SOCIALIST organization, you ignorant, psychotic piglets. Let’s now see what’s recently in the news- liberal politicians jailing people for violating the shutdown order while releasing prisoners who in some cases have committed serious crimes. Sounds like your typical wackaloon democrat acting as such. You see, in the typical world of the psychotic democrat, good is evil and evil is good. BTW- in the beginning of this pandemic, most organizations down -played this pandemic. Are you delusional 100 or just 99% of the time? Nah, never mind. l’m getting kinda bored with these anti American, screwball, democrats. You are the true virus that’s been destroying America for at least 50 years.

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