The Bets are In

The latest Campaign Finance Reports are interesting.

MountainStar Sports Group has picked their favorites.

Mayor Dee Margo received $23,031.48 from the principals of MountainStar. $3,031.48 of that was a in-kind donation from Paul Foster, for advertising. You reckon it was that dark money “Support our leaders” mailer?

Judy Gutierrez got $2,000 from Woody Hunt.

Sam “She just wouldn’t shut up” Morgan took in $2,500 from Mr. Hunt.

There’s also a mess of money from the lesser planets in MountainStar’s orbit.

The donations to the City Council candidates are hedging the bet, in case Margo loses. MountainStar wants a majority that can override Mayor Leeser’s veto.

I reckon those fat cats at MountainStar donated so much to those candidates because buying City Council is a lot cheaper than buying a soccer stadium, and MountainStar’s soccer team isn’t going to play in the Chihuahua’s ballpark forever.

If any of those candidates gets elected tomorrow, I reckon El Pasoans are going to buy the richest guys in town a soccer stadium.

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  1. This “normal Caucasian” (i.e., old gringo) is going to reluctantly vote for Leeser, wishing it were for Ms. Carbajal and her creative proposal for the arena. I do not see Leeser as being that much different from Margo except not being beholden to Hunt and Foster, which, I suppose, is better. Carbajal’s 40,000 votes demonstrates that there is a new “normal” in town and it is an awakened electorate that, I hope, creates a LOT of trouble for the corporate welfare crowd on council over the next few years.

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