That Whistleblower Lawsuit

‘member that City of El Paso Chief Internal Auditor Edmundo (Mundo!) Calderon filed that Whistleblower lawsuit against former City Manager Tommy Gonzalez, current City Attorney Karla Nieman, current Assistant City Attorney Juan Gonzalez, El Paso City Representative Cassandra Hernandez and Hernandez’s husband Jeremy Jordan, and El Paso resident Deborah Paz?

I introduced that story to El Paso’s sleeping giants in this post.

Do you suppose that the City of El Paso will mount a vigorous defense to that lawsuit?

I don’t.

The fun parts of lawsuits are the depositions.

The lawyers involved might be able to dodge the fun questions by claiming attorney-client privilege, but what about Tommy Gonzalez?

What about when they ask him about his management style? What about when Mr. Calderon’s attorneys ask Mr. Gonzalez about decisions he made while he was City Manager? What about when Mr. Gonzalez is quizzed about communications he had with elected officials, or El Paso’s puppet masters?

That is when the excrement is going to hit the rotating air circulator.

Do you suppose that Mr. Gonzalez is going to tarnish his pyrite reputation by truthfully answering questions like that?

Will he lie? Not wholesale, which is the only way the lies could make him look good.

I reckon he’ll just clam up, if he chooses to participate at all. And I reckon when Mr. Gonzalez refuses to participate, the judge will order a summary judgement.

I expect if it goes to trial it’ll be good spectacle.

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