Thank You.

Well, the election has come and gone and I’m not on that train.

A lot of you have expressed condolences. But thanks. I don’t need them.

My life was great before I started that campaign, and my life is great now that it’s over.

But I’d like to thank all the people who supported my in my elective efforts. I’d like to thank everyone that contributed money to my campaign. (You know who you are, and if you have any doubts, you can read your name on my campaign finance reports.) I’d like to thank all the voters that supported me. Especially, I’d like to thank the people who contributed their time and energy to the campaign.

I’d like to thank Debbie Nathan, Xavier Miranda, and James Peinado for walking and talking to the voters on my behalf. (We’re going to miss you, Debbie. El Paso will be poorer without you.) I’d like to thank David Stout and Don Jose Rodriguez and Vanessa Johnson for waving signs at the polling stations on election day. Y’all added star power that I didn’t know I deserved.

Also, I’d like to extend special appreciation to Fernie G, who, during the campaign, worked as my chauffeur, bodyguard, and private pilot. Thank you, Fernie. You carried me. Thank you.

Even though I’m glad it’s over, I enjoyed campaigning. I enjoyed walking and talking to the voters in District 8. I enjoyed walking into all those apartment buildings that I had never entered before. I enjoyed all the little vignettes of daily living that I witnessed as I passed through the neighborhoods.

And now, I’ll enjoy the freedom of not having to do that. But I might do it anyway.

Even though I didn’t make the runoff, I’m not going away. I’ll be endorsing one of the two remaining candidates in the coming days, or, more likely, hours, so stay tuned.

Again, thank you.


  1. The people who earn my respect are the ones who stick their necks out and get into the fray. Like you, Amigo.

  2. Thank you, Rich, for running such an excellent campaign. Your voice was definitely heard!

  3. Rich, you gave the good fight and I always enjoy your columns and learning how El Paso continues to be fleeced. Keep up the great work and I look forward to your columns. Sincerely

  4. Thank you for running, Rich! Your strong voice added clarity to the issues discussed among D8 candidates. Thanks also for coming to the big Community First Coalition candidate forum on Oct 16. I am glad to see the Chris Canales sign on the site; I will vote for him!
    From you supporter who had not just one but TWO signs in her frontyard,

  5. You did what so few of us are willing to do. You put yourself out there, and ran a good campaign. Living way out here in the hinterlands I regret not being able to cast my vote for you, and can only bemoan the fact that, despite casting my vote for someone new, my District voted to keep a less than stellar performer, Ms. Salcido. As per usual, only about one third of registered voters bothered to cast a ballot (according to the El Paso Times), and that is where our problems begin and end. If people won’t exercise their franchise, we will continue to be ruled by a minority of the population at every level.

  6. Rich,
    You’ve given it your best shot for too many years already. You’ve tried and tried your hardest as a voice in the wilderness. You need to face the fact that El Paso is a lost cause. Stop beating your head against the wall. Life is too short, and there are million better places to live. Do what so many others have done (most of the smart people, imho), and move to somewhere better. You can keep tabs on El Chuco from afar. You can visit whenever you want. And whether that’s two years or twenty-five years from now, you know what you will find – that El Paso still hasn’t improved. It might change for the worse, but it ain’t gonna change for the better.

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