Survey: Downtown’s Looking Up

The Downtown Management District conducted a survey recently, and guess what? People are optimistic about our central business district.

From the El Paso Inc.:

The streets of Downtown are quiet after six months of coronavirus-related closures and restrictions, but business owners remain hopeful and optimistic about the future, according to a new survey that will be released later this week.

The Downtown Management District provided El Paso Inc. with an early copy of its sixth annual survey of Downtown businesses owners, property owners, employees, residents and visitors.

About 94% of survey respondents agreed that Downtown El Paso is improving, up slightly from last year.

Entrepreneurs are notoriously optimistic. They have to be.

But man. The obstacles to a creating a vibrant downtown are mounting.

A falling peso. Work from home. Restrictions on bars and restaurants and entertainment.

But hey. It’s all good.


  1. “It’s all good”: who came up with that tired phrase (some years back)? 🙁

    1. Think it was “Visit El Paso/Destination El Paso” back in the Wilson days.

    2. “It’s all good” was the brainchild of Mithoff Burton Partners, the advertising agency of El Paso’s friends-and-family hegemony.

  2. Today I saw that Myrna Deckert has passed, maybe we still have a chance to “making everything good” not just ignoring what is not in some cockamamie marketing phrase. Maybe it also means that the old Paso del Norte Group is dying out (or retiring for health reasons like the infamous Joyce Wislon) and the Paso del Sur will be in!!!

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