Surprise! Electric Rates Going Up

Here’s more good news for El Pasoans. According to this story from El Paso’s finest English language daily, electric rates are going up.

El Pasoans will likely see their electric bills increase by more than $3 per month beginning in January after being hit with a substantial rate increase this year.

El Paso Electric officials on Friday said that they have asked the Public Utility Commission of Texas to approve charging customers more for natural gas to reflect rising prices for the fuel used to generate electricity in its El Paso power plants.

Residential customers would see their bills increase an average $3.55 per month beginning Jan. 1, if the PUC approves the new fuel charge, El Paso Electric reported in a press release.

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  1. Monopolized utility. Where’s that mom and pop electricity provider when you need ’em.

  2. Meanwhile, gas prices went down a good long while ago, right? So, EPEC, I gotta question for ya: How come your “fuel surcharges” never came down to reflect that? How come you always try to claim that fuel costs more, but we know it does not? Monopolies R Us, huh?

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