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El Paso is facing a lot of challenges right now. Widening the freeway and the deck park. Redistricting. The discharge of millions of gallons of raw sewage into the Rio Grande. Deteriorating roadways.

And El Pasoans are facing a lot of challenges, too. Rising property taxes. City Representatives that are out of touch. Wealth and income inequality, and a City Government that only represents the interests of a moneyed class purporting to offer public benefit, when really all they’re after is private gain.

El Paso needs advocates right now.

El Chuqueño has been advocating for the public interest since 2012, looking for the real reasons behind the actions of government instead of the flaccid rationales offered us by our elected officials and their spokespeople.

The truth is that El Chuqueño has more stories to tell than we have time to write them, and part of the reason for that is sometimes we have to pursue more remunerative gigs. I’d love to make El Chuqueño a full time job, but I can’t do that without your help.

Most of the people who read this will just scroll on to something else, without taking a moment to hit that donate button in the upper right sidebar. Will you, or will you be one of the few who make the effort to help El Paso become a better place by supporting El Chuqueño?

If everyone who reads El Chuqueño were to donate as little as $1, or $2, or $5 a month, we’d be able to pursue the kind of advocacy that El Paso needs right now.

So please, do it for us, and do it for El Paso. Also, do it for yourself. Do it for lower taxes. Do it for a more responsive government. Do it to stop the madness.

If you’re already donating to El Chuqueño, thank you. If you’ve donated in the past, thank you, and please consider donating again.

And if you’re just going to scroll on through, thank you for reading this far.


  1. Hello Rich!

    I just donated $100. I very much admire your “digging into the politics and wrestling with the pigs on our behalf. Keep up the good work. Go have a cold one(s) at The Tap. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you, Mr. Escaped Cow. I appreciate the support and recognition.


  2. I prefer the old fashioned method of putting a check in the mail. Please tell me how to make out the check and where to send it.

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