Start With Day Lilies

Are you looking for an income opportunity in your retirement years? Are you afraid that you won’t be able to pay your property taxes with what you make as a greeter at Walmart?

Here’s an inspiring success story about a guy who made enough to buy a Navigator pick-up at an age when most of us will be eating cat food.

Tata had become a one-man cocaine fountain, working on a scale the Detroit D.E.A.’s office had never encountered. According to the cartel’s handwritten drug ledgers that the government obtained, he delivered 246 kilos in February 2010; 250 kilos in March; another 250 kilos the next month; 200 kilos the next; and another 200 the next. “Before you know it,” Moore said, “he’s an urban legend.”

Do you qualify? If you meet the requirements, the Sinaloa cartel is hiring!

“Leo is the perfect courier for the cartel,” said Special Agent Jeremy Fitch, one of the D.E.A. agents who worked the case. “He has a legitimate ID, he’s an older guy, he wouldn’t be pegged as a drug runner and he has no criminal history.”

Do you know people in Detroit? Apparently there’s a job opening for people willing to travel there.

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