Speaking of Tortillas

Did you remember that the Rib Hut on Mesa has $1.50 burritos on Saturdays?

You can pick up a dozen for less than $20 and be the hero at the neighborhood pool party.

For $940 million, a person (or City government) could buy 626,666,667 burritos.

(Really it’s 626,666,666 and two thirds burritos, but I bet if you’re dropping close to a billion bucks at Rib Hut, they’ll comp you that extra third of a burrito and throw in a gallon of barbecue sauce.)

Swing by the grocery store and get the jalapeños en escabeche, and chop an onion, and you’re living large.

I think when Boykin had the Rib Hut the burritos were only a dollar on Saturdays, but that was 400 years ago, so a buck and half is not bad.

Buen provecho.

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