So how did they vote?

If you’re like me, you are mildly entertained by all the drama going on at City Hall, but you’re really interested in ‘the bidness’.

In the December 7 Special Meeting of City Council, our elected representatives voted to increase our property taxes so the City could start work on all those important Quality of Life projects, like that $180 million arena downtown, the one that duplicates facilities available at the Coliseum, the Don Haskins Center, and the Civic Center.

Or they voted to wait. Who knows?

Either way it would be newsworthy. But all the media is enthralled with the public lynching, so we are not informed.

Yesterday City Council voted on whether or not to approve the minutes of their December 7 Special Meeting, but as of right now, the minutes haven’t appeared on the Agenda webpage.

Presumably Council approved the bond issue. After all, the vote was just the final nail in the coffin.

I’d think it was worth a mention, but I guess they’d rather talk about something else.


  1. $180 million for a new venue (which will surely be $250 million by the end) will excite and invigorate the contractors, subcontractors, development consultants, lawyers and, lest us not forget, the politicians who voted for it and oversaw it. Basically a big fun shiny project with a lot of cash to dole out. This is not complicated stuff. Who cares if we need it. It’s a huge load of cash to slosh around in and build something huge. The details and rationales are meaningless at this point.

    1. It’s not fun to be a City Representative with no taxpayer money to spend.

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