Smells like cheese.

Here’s something I lifted from

Here are some interesting facts you might find ‘eyebrow raising:’

In the last five weeks, multiple positions have been filled without advertisement nor interview as required by the Texas Education Code and EPISD Board Policy DC (Legal). Those positions include, but are not limited to: Chief School Officer, Chief of Innovation (Academics Division), Chief of Staff, Deputy Superintendent of Finance and Operations and Deputy Superintendent of Administration. Human Resources targeted by audit for not advertising and interviewing. Positions are not ‘retitled.’ They are new positions with new responsibilities considered promotions.New Deputy Superintendent of Administration WAS Associate Super for Human Resources and is department is currently on Corrective Action Plan for inappropriate activities at HR.

These are the people who are going to ask you for a billion dollars over the next fifteen years, because enrollment is declining, or something like that.

I think Shakespeare said it best: “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”

You’d think that with all that hiring they’re doing over there, they would have hired someone who could advise them on the law. Maybe our City Attorney could straighten them out.

There are a lot more shenanigans going on over there, according to the post. Check it out.

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