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  1. Interesting and I was not aware that mid-packy housing was not permitted in most US cities because my little westside neighborhood is exactly what he describes. It is side-by-side single family townhomes (mine is sort of a patio home) with two story condos and some commercial stuff down the street across from Rivera school, the so-called “New Urbanism.” Mostly my street is retirees but there are some families in the condos.

    Not for everyone and my urban philosophy is that there should be something for everyone. I did have some housing experience running the HFC once and it was clear that, if people here could qualify for a mortgage, they wanted a new/newer home near a good schools. There was zero interest in rehabbing the charming craft homes in Rio Grande, i.e., El Paso wasn’t ready for gentrification. Maybe that will change.

    Housing needs change with age and lifestyle, too. I wouldn’t want to raise a family in my house but it’s perfect for me as a retiree. His focus is on large cities and COVID might make people think again about urban living. The USA has enormous open spaces, unlike Europe, just calling out for young people to homestead again in small towns and farms.

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