1. The video is completely made up of fallacious argument. The takeaway should be the abject failure of public school, not blaming some parents for preparing their kids better than others. They make it sound as if everyone is equally capable and equally motivated, but that only income separates the races which has never, and will never, be the case. There are children from each race who excel and others who have dismal education results.

    The problem is the public school system, which has not been about teaching kids for many generations, and in people looking to blame society for their situation. If you think society owes you an OUTCOME you are sadly mistaken, it simply should provide opportunity.

    Nowhere else in nature is every outcome equal. For every gazelle eaten by a lion there in no gazelle eating a lion. “Equity” in society is a non-existent fable. The only way to achieve “equity” in society is to ignore achievement of some and to pretend achievement in others.

    Maybe read Atlas Shrugged.

    1. No one is talking about everyone getting the same results. We’re just talking about everyone getting the same opportunity. From that bastion of socialism, Forbes.com:

      Higher education has a zip code problem. Access to and success in college are often thwarted by socioeconomic inequalities linked to where students grow up and attend school.

      I guarantee you that there are kids living in Segundo who are smarter than some of the kids getting into the Ivys. But those kids getting into the Ivys are going to be making the decisions that ruin lives in a few years.

      Ayn Rand was a proto-fascist.

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