Sam Morgan is Full of Shit

God Bless Him.

At last Tuesday’s City Council meeting, Dr. Sam “She Just Wouldn’t Shut Up” Morgan claimed that the Great Wolf Lodge will demonstrate the power of the Mexican consumer.

Right. Obviously, Dr. Morgan has limited experience with Mexicans.

Mexican’s aren’t going to go to the Great Wolf Lodge. Most Mexicans can’t afford it. A Great Wolf Lodge is just not hip enough to attract the Mexicans that can afford it.

If you could go to the Great Wolf Lodge in El Paso, Texas, or stay at the El Cid in Mazatlan, which would you choose? Because once you decide to travel, you’ve got lots of options.

Great Wolf Resorts are aimed at middle class Americans who don’t want to shell out for a weekend at Disneyland. As such, they’re a second rate attraction.

Of course, it’s not all Dr. Sam “She Just Wouldn’t Shut Up” Morgan’s fault. City Manager Tommy Gonzalez is obsessed with second rate attractions. TopGolf. iFly. Municipal water parks. None of them make El Paso a tourist destination.

But they probably all look pretty good from Tommy G’s front porch in Abernathy, Texas.


  1. Yeah, Sam should prolly just stfu. The Mexicans who I know that can afford real travel, go to the real places. They do come to El Paso to shop, although nowhere near as many or as often as they used to. Do you suppose this guy knows that Mexico now has Walmart and Sams Club? (Not to mention Soriana, SMart, etc.)?

  2. The G in Tommy G stands for Gentrification. And gentrification is always a bland brand of being for a city. Tommy G is as bland as they come. He can take his brand of blandness somewhere else.

  3. Great Wolf Resorts may still decide not to come to El Paso.
    That would be the best outcome.

    1. According to Karla Neiman, and she stated this publicly on record, if the HWL deal tanks, do does the deal between Foster and the City. Foster’s legal team confirmed this to her.

  4. Morgan knows as much about the Mexican consumer as he does about anger management

  5. I posted this earlier, but at the risk of being repetitive, what could possibly be a more noxious Petri dish for the Coronavirus than an enclosed, humid water park stocked with a bunch of fat dumb white kids and their geriatric grandparents? It’s like a cruise ship for hillbillies.

  6. The only Mexicans that will stay at this taxpayers’ funded Not Sure Great Wolf Lodge will be Cartel members, and their paid for sex females.

  7. I agree 100% that Sam Morgan is a total sack of shit who should be off city council and probably in jail. I won’t even say that I agree with him, because I don’t want to stoop to the level of defending him on anything. And I also agree that the Great Wolf Lodge is an absolutely idiotic use of the city’s money that will do nothing for real economic development or cultural vibrancy. I hope it never gets built.

    But I will say that I think people who predict Mexican nationals being a huge percentage of Great Wolf Lodge’s customer base are right. As you mentioned, most Mexicans are too poor to afford to stay at GWL and/or don’t have the right paperwork to cross into the US. And as you also mentioned, there is a small group of wealthy, highly-educated Mexicans who are too cultured and hip to go somewhere like a GWL. I agree that no one living in Polanco will be making the trek to El Paso for a third-rate water park. But there is a sizeable group of middle to upper-middle class people in Juarez, Chihuahua City, and possibly other parts of Chihuahua and neighboring states that would absolutely visit a GWL. I actually find it more plausible that someone would travel from Juarez or even Chihuahua than from Albuquerque or Tucson.

    None of that is to say that the GWL is a good idea or that Sam Morgan isn’t a jackass domestic abuser. But I do think that if it weren’t for Mexican nationals, all the free money in the world couldn’t convince GWL to open a location here.

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