Ruin Your Life

This week, the two major lotteries have a combined payout of more than $1.5 billion. Even if you only win one, and take the cash option, you’d win more that $500 million.

What would you do with all that money?

You’d buy a pickup truck, and a Tesla/Audi/Mercedes. A new house. Eliminate your debt.

All of that together isn’t even a million bucks. It’s the rest of the money that will ruin your life.

Are you going to invest in cocaine and hookers? Alcohol and pills?

Are you going to buy a house in Aspen, and a condo in Belize?

You can only live in one house at a time. If you want to go to Aspen, or Belize, you can rent.

A private jet?

Where, exactly, do you want to go? How often? You just dropped a lot of coin on your new house.

You can charter a jet, and escape the upkeep and salaries involved with ownership.

Looks like we’re back to cocaine and hookers, and alcohol and pills.

Maybe you’ll get lucky, and you won’t win.


  1. Why can’t you just set up a trust that will take care of you and yours, after paying off debt, and buying that home/ranch and car/plane? And, then set up another trust that will donate so much – forever – per year to some charity?

  2. I would definitely set up a mess of trust funds before spending a dime . I grew weary of the other options long ago.

  3. Looks like we’re back to cocaine and hookers, and alcohol and pills.
    You don’t need the lottery for these with Juarez just across the bridge. Affordable vice is a big advantage of living here 🙂

    1. And all the City could come with is It’s All Good. They should have used Affordable Vice.

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