Rep. Cassandra Hernandez’ Letter of Reprimand Upheld by City’s Ethics Commission

by Rich Wright


The Ethics Review Commission voted unanimously to reject a motion from El Paso city Rep. Cassandra Hernandez to reconsider the reprimand it issued against her last month over her usage of her city-issued fuel card last year.

The commission found on Wednesday, Aug. 23, that the evidence Hernandez sought to present as grounds for a second hearing did not meet the legal threshold of “newly-discovered evidence” and therefore did not warrant further investigation.

Frequent contributor Max Grossman posted this short excerpt of the hearing on

A hostile response? Wait till she gets her name on another ballot.

She’s just digging the hole a little deeper.


  1. I didn’t like how she kept pointing her finger at her opponents at the last Ethics Commission hearing. Then, after her husband went after Mr. Casey, the Ethics Chairman, Mr. Casey was NOT allowed to defend himself, with both Hernandez and her attorney jumping in, interrupting, and being out of order. Hernandez was quick to jump up, although she had basically distanced herself from her husband’s actions concerning filing a complaint with the NM State Bar.

  2. Cassandra is obviously very desperate. Her whole world is collapsing around her. It is time for her to resign, Cassandra, do the right thing and leave with the last bid of dignity you have left. Seriously I doubt she will leave. Her ego is too, too big. She will leave her current term and her last tour of public service.

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