Public Service Announcement

Those planning to travel from downtown El Paso to the west side during peak travel hours are advised catch U.S. 54 north at the Spaghetti Bowl to Alamogordo, turn left on U.S. 70 and proceed to Interstate 25 in Las Cruces. Take Interstate 25 South till the interchange with Interstate 10, and then follow Interstate 10 East (which actually runs south around here) till you reach a suitable exit.

Both Transmountain Road and the Anthony Gap are expected to be clogged by Young Professionals, so proceed on these two roadways at your own risk.

Alternatively, drivers may opt to wait in a suitable watering hole until all the assholes have cleared the road, or move to a community with a more enlightened approach to traffic management.


  1. We learn and adapt. But I’m confused by our rapidly changing landscape. Are we drinking too much or not enough?

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