Pay Attention!

Ex-mayor Dee Margo said he did the best he could, after only getting 20% support in his recent job performance review by El Paso voters.

That should put the rest of City Council on notice. Peter Svarzbein, Alexsandra Annello, Cassandra Hernandez, and Henry Rivera will all term out when their seats come up again. Mr. Svarzbein’s time in office as a City Rep will end in two years. The rest still have four years before they term out.

What are the job prospects for former City Council members? Only Mr. Rivera is old enough to consider retirement. The rest will have to find real jobs.

In the last mayoral election, Carlos Gallinar had the enthusiastic support of the old guard “progressives” and he only got 7% of the vote.

The campaign trail is littered with the bodies of elected officials who continued to raise taxes, favor developers, and cavalierly ignore increasingly vocal segments of the community.

The political winds have changed. Our elected representatives should pay attention.


  1. I don’t think the political winds have changed in El Paso for either the city or county. We still have a great percentage of registered voters who do not vote. Why the city controlled water utilities just gave the water CEO a pay raise. Then Mr. Leeser had the audacity to say he did not vote on the pay raise because he was not in office long enough to know of the Mr. Balliew’s handling of the water utility? Mr. Lesser is just another politician who doesn’t want to make decisions for helping the tax payers of El Paso. How long has Mr. Lesser lived in El Paso and also for having been a former mayor and he doesn’t know the workings of Mr. Ballieu to know if he deserves to make over $3 hundred thousand dollars a year?

  2. Now we the citizenry have to pay attention to what our fellow citizens are doing.
    We worked long and hard to save the Lost Dog area from City Council and the developers and now the area is getting overrun with people who leave trash and dog shit everywhere along the trails.

  3. Margo wasn’t even subtle about shoveling money and city assets into Hunt and Fosters pockets. With help from CC, too. Hopefully a younger generation of El Pasoans will take up political action to stop this in the future. We have seen some positive indications in that direction lately.

  4. Peter has another job. Probably a conflict with serving ($%$$#&&) as our rep.

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