Our Charitable Overlords

Here’s a perspective on charitable giving by the rich during the pandemic, from that socialist rag, the Guardian.

Private philanthropy has always been a form of power for wealthy donors. But as wealth inequality has exploded in recent decades, it’s concentrating that private power in even fewer hands – all subsidized by public taxpayers.

This has troubling implications for charities, who are forced to cater to a smaller number of mega-donors, and our democracy. As governments at all levels face growing austerity from the Covid-19 pandemic and recession, billionaire philanthropy may well fill the vacuum for local services and institutions. But unlike local taxpayer dollars, billionaire foundations don’t answer to voters.

The Guardian is based over the pond, so they probably weren’t talking about El Paso.

Probably not.

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  1. “But unlike local taxpayer dollars, billionaire foundations don’t answer to voters.”
    You’re right, they’re not talking about El Paso…when did those in El Paso handling taxpayer dollars answer to voters? The recent front page news about grossly-overpaid city officials getting raises for reasons that the City is determined to keep secret will lead to what changes in contracts for city officials? You got it..But let’s be grateful that at least one of them will donate the raise to local charity! (Generating a tax deduction, natch…)

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