One of the Five Best Tequilas


To help simplify things, we turned to the top international spirit competitions to help narrow down the field to the “best” tequilas, much like we did for bourbon and rum. These events see distillers send in their top bottles to be blind taste-tested by panels of industry experts. If they can’t be trusted, who can? Here are the five best tequilas; any would be a worthy addition to a collection.

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El Perro Grande Blanco Tequila

If you were looking for a product that shows that tequila has retained its sense of humor, look no further. Packaged in a bottle shaped to look like a feisty Chihuahua, this tequila is yet another new entry into the market. Conceived by Renard Johnson, an entrepreneur from El Paso, Texas, it is premium tequila that is made in Jalisco, Mexico, yet is proudly Texan. Keeping with its mutt motif, the brand also donates part of its proceeds to the Humane Society.

The brand won a gold medal at the Bartender Spirits Award (BSA) and was named the Grand Tequila of the Year. Designed to give a voice to the folks who pour our drinks, the BSA shines a light on many smaller brands that sometimes get overshadowed by more prominent brands. The judges at the event had this to say about El Perro. “Fresh vegetal notes, long complex finish of stone fruit. Very well balanced.”

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