Nothing to See Here

Did you hear about this in the media? This version is from the El Paso Times:

The El Paso City Council meeting turned into a shouting match over whether to create an overview and advisory committee for the $413 million Public Safety Bond.

District 2 and 3 city Reps. Alexsandra Annello, Cassandra Hernandez and Mayor Dee Margo were at odds during Tuesday’s discussion over creating a bond advisory committee.
At times, Margo spoke over Annello and Hernandez in an effort to get a vote on whether to postpone its creation.

“Representative Annello, wait to be recognized,” Margo told her.

Annello and Hernandez sponsored the effort to create the committee, which would include police officers and firefighters as well as council-appointed members to oversee the rollout of the bond.

Ultimately, the council sided with city staff on postponing the vote at the request of Robert Cortinas, the city’s chief financial officer, and Sam Rodriguez, the city’s engineer and director of the Capital Improvement Department, who was absent and emailed the council Monday night asking for a postponement.

Annello, Hernandez and District 1 city Rep. Peter Svarzbein voted against postponement, saying the public deserves to be a part of the bond rollout.

“It is really concerning to me that staff is recommending against this board because we should have the community involved in all of the districts, especially 1, 5 and 2, and we should have the fire and police departments involved,” Annello said.

Can you imagine any of our elected officials opposing a bond oversight committee for a $413 million bond?

Well, it happened.

It kind of makes you think that something is hinky going on at City Hall, no?

La alcaldia es una bola de corruptos.

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