Not John Cook

El Chuqueño does not endorse political candidates (though there’s this one candidate for District 8 that the editorial board is strongly leaning towards). However, we’re not above blackballing a candidate.

Today early voting starts in the runoff election for County Judge, and one of the candidates is former El Paso mayor John Cook. Electing John Cook would be an endorsement of the good-old-boy, screw-the-taxpayer politics that have brought us to where we are today.

John Cook sat by with his hands in his pockets while his ostensible employee, our former City Manager, called ballpark opponents “Crazies.” He missed the meeting where City Council fast-tracked the ballpark. Later he told the story of MountainStar and Joyce showing up in his office to tell him about the ballpark, and then he said it never happened.

Were you lying to me then, John, or are you lying to me now?

Way too often the same candidates show up on the ballot again and again and get elected, like there’s no consequence for their cheating and bullshitting the electorate. That has to stop. We need to demonstrate that actions have consequences. We need to hold the candidates responsible.

It’s a runoff election, so the voter only has a choice of two candidates, and El Chuqueño will not advise you for whom to vote.

But in the race for County Judge, not John Cook.


  1. Amen. Cook is not honest. He does not take responsibility for what he does or says. Voters need to remember what he did to us. I’m really surprised he has the audacity to run again. Tell everyone you know to vote for Samaniego.

  2. Part of cooks closing at the last debate he stated he’s always available by phone. His cell phone number is available anywhere.

    Why call ? He’ll just say he’s not a plumber.

  3. About time Cook gave up politics, singing, AND guitar playing. He’s a fraud and always has been.

  4. What will Samaniego do if he’s elected? What are his proposed policies? I can’t find much online.

  5. Cook was a worthless buffoon even before he became Mayor. His big “accomplishment” as a Rep. was that he spent a $ on a few plants that were planted on Sean Haggerty Blvd. and he claimed that he was instrumental in having Walmart move to Transmountain Ave. – what a ridiculous load of crap. And when he became Mayor, that’s when this town started to go to hell. Now granted, there were many other factors like: the first and the worst possible City Manager ever, a CFO who was incapable of doing third grade math, and most of City Council at that time. But during his time as Mayor he did support most of this garbage. Elrichiboy, not if but when you get elected, please remember that even on your worst day, you’re still 20 times better than the delusional, destructive nut job filth that we currently have in our local government.

  6. I still remember him as being the one who ran for Mayor only to say we don’t need a strong Mayor form of government, and need to switch to the City Manager (who will immediately jump into bed with the rich old white men) form. I did NOT vote for him then, and I did Not vote for him now.

  7. John failed at slinging bbq sauce. He was school board pres of El Paso School of Excellence(failure) and his wife ran the USDA funded food program. Charter school was shut down by TEA for fiduciary mismanagement. This scumbag is a loser. Ripping off samaniego

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