No, really.

You must think I’m an unappreciative asshole. Some (many) people do.

You know, the Borderplex Alliance is financed 100% by private citizens. The City ceded responsibility for El Paso’s economic development to those cats. And they took the baton and ran with it.

I have been hard on them. I don’t give them their due. After all, the kajillioinaires paying the salaries over there at the B.A. (not Barrio Azteca) are all altruistic, civic-minded citizens, working their darnedest to spur economic development in El Paso because it’s good for the city.

Can you imagine the richest people in El Paso spending their own money to promote economic development in the region out of the goodness of their hearts?

God bless them.

It almost restores your faith in humanity. It almost makes me want to vote Republican next election.


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