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Here’s the City’s latest advertisement promoting some of the wonderful outdoor opportunities we can enjoy here in El Paso.

No, wait. That’s a video an out-of-town mountain biker uploaded to YouTube, showcasing the El Paso trail system that were about to lose to TIRZ 12. Here’s what the videographer, Matthew Floyd, had to say about it:

Two days of riding on the Lost Dog Trailhead on the Westside of El Paso. I used to bike these 15 yrs ago but the trail system has improved dramatically since. From loose rocky technical climbs to Moab like rock faces with insane grip. I could have spent the entire week out there and never get bored. It was rough and well designed with the boulders, drops and shoots making each trail Well done El Paso well done! Though not easy trails there is enough smooth climbing and descending trails I could still take my 2 boys out on most of the NW section like Worm.

I don’t know why we elect people who don’t like El Paso to positions where they get to decide how to change El Paso.

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  1. I lived in El Paso 2013-2016, after 21 years doing time in ABQ and before moving up the road to Las Cruces for a job. I’ve ridden Lost Dog many times, and it’s a shame to lose much of this great trail system to poorly-planned development. I hope a miracle happens and thoughtfulness can invade those elected officials’ heads, but I agree they just don’t like El Paso. They are more like small-minded pitchmen. I find much of the same thing in ABQ and here.

    Tucson – now, lots of people there care and love it. The differences and fruits of that caring are worth some pondering!

    Excellent blog posts, by the way.

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