More Lies From People Who Should Know Better

I read the El Paso Times so you won’t have to, and I’ve noticed a disturbing pattern. Every time the paper mentions the water parks, they include some reference to the parks “being developed” through the 2012 Quality of Life bonds.

Like this:

Chapoteo and the city’s three other water parks were developed through the 2012 Quality of Life Bond program.

Or this:

The water park was developed through the 2012 Quality of Life Bond Program.

Or this:

The water parks are being developed as part of the 2012 Quality of Life Bond program.

But the City’s 2019 Budget Book (page 485) says that only $12,000,000 came from the 2012 General Obligation Quality of Life bonds, and another $25,324,000 came from those nasty Certificates of Obligation, the notes that are issued without voter approval.

And water parks were never contemplated when the QoL bonds were passed. They were all Tommy G’s brainchildren.

Now I know the Times’ City Reporter is new, but there must be someone at the paper who knows what’s going on. Or maybe someone should have told him that he can’t believe everything that the City tells him.

Napoleon Bonaparte is supposed to have said “Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence.” Unfortunately, El Paso has an adequate supply of both.

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  1. Well, now we can understand why Tommy’s salary is being INCREASED to $398, 401, just $1,599 short of President Biden’s take. Gotta admit, the guy is GOOD (for himself at least).

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