More Email Drama

There’s this story in the El Paso Times about the City Attorney trying to quash a demand for depositions from Courtney Niland, Susie Byrd, and Joyce Wilson.

Who really believes that the reason those three aren’t willing to sign an affidavit swearing that they turned in all the appropriate emails is because they’re constitutionalists?  The City Attorney is claiming it’s a Fourth Amendment issue, but it’s looking like a Fifth.

Why wouldn’t they swear they’ve turned in all the applicable emails if they really have?  If it’s principles, then go on a hunger strike.  Do some time for contempt.  But don’t hide behind court orders.

I can understand if they discussed some issues before the council meeting.  Committee meetings are boring.  If we can discuss these things beforehand and move the meeting along, I’m all for it.  Except it’s illegal.

But that’s okay.  Not everything that’s illegal is wrong, and not everything that’s legal is right.  And sometimes, people make mistakes.

What I don’t like is being lied to.  I’m not as stupid as I look.  How could I be?

(That was my initial gripe about the ballpark.  I felt like I was being bullshitted.  Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.)

Of course, once they’re being deposed, the attorneys can drill them new assholes.  Nobody wants to give a deposition.  Not even the pope.  Maybe especially the pope.

I’ve got an idea: why don’t they just hand over all the emails?  If they broke the law, they should just fess up and take their lumps.  If there’s no crime involved, and they’ve got something to be embarrassed about, then they should own that, too.

And if they’ve already turned in all the emails, then swear to it, and let us all get on with our lives.

Life goes on.  Own your mistakes.  Show some dignity.  Stop hiding behind lawyers.

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  1. The people in this city have learned to slide deals and/or policy by just barely staying inside the ethical/legal boundaries. They run a hundred yard return, just inside the line, to a touchdown. Sometimes, they are so brazen, the acts are done in full view of the public. They fear no consequences and know the general will forget or ignore the behavior and rush to re-elect them. If there was ever proof of einsteins definition of insanity, El Paso is !

    I don’t understand how easily the population is pacified and controlled, is everyone on the take? Stupid? Don’t give a damn? What is it? What’s even worse, is the zombies become angry when shown facts.

    I just learned that a lot of the people that used to speak with me have stopped and give me the cold shoulder. Because I dared to support a Republican candidate. Strange it ok before when I supported a Democrat. Politics should not be personal. Just because we don’t agree is no reason to have an Italian decades long vendetta. We need to have a balanced, honest and transparent government.

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