Monorail! Monorail! Juarez Scratches the Itch

Here’s a story from the El Diario website.

Juarez is thinking about putting in light rail to link San Agustin in the valley to San Geronimo across from Santa Teresa. And yes they’re considering a monorail.

Also under consideration two new Ports of Entry, one in Anapra/Sunland Park, and one about where Yarbrough is.

“Un proyecto muy ambicioso de transporte público para Juárez, innovador, que permita realmente consolidar infraestructura para el futuro desarrollo de la ciudad, no nada más la necesidad que hoy tenemos, o el rezago histórico en materia de transporte”, declaró el jefe del Ejecutivo [Chihuahua Governor Cesar Duarte.]

And then there’s this story from March in the Albuquerque Journal:

Mayor Enrique Serrano says the city government has secured more than $225 million from the Mexican federal government for redevelopment projects to remake key areas of the city, most notably a planned rehabilitation of the shabby historic downtown, but also a new convention center and a hospital, road repairs, new street lamps, public pools and neighborhood parks, and a new rapid transit bus line.

The Diario article says the local pols are waiting for a decision about the train and the border crossings from the federal government on Monday.

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