Monarch (It’s Comfortable!)

The front of Monarch
Monarch has these cool barstools out front, so you can pretend you’re at a beach resort.
Are you still officing out of Starbucks? You should fold up your portfolio and move it over to Monarch.

Monarch is a little bar off the corner of Rio Grande and Mesa, where Dedo used to be (also the Briar Patch, and Wee Tam, if you want to get historic).

The inside of Monarch
Kick back and enjoy your spreadsheet.
Monarch is decorated like someone’s hippie grandmother’s house, with comfortable living room furniture, plus a dance floor. It’s like I imagine the Russian Tearoom looks. Comfortable, with flattering light.

Monarch offers a wide selection of craft beers on tap, and they’re only three and a half bucks till nine. Monarch also has a fancy coffee machine, so if it’s too early for a beer (ha!), you can get an espresso.

Monarch has wifi, and comfortable tunes, so you don’t have to wear your Beats, unless you’re pretentious. Monarch, by the way, isn’t pretentious.

Monarch is open six days a week at eleven. On Sundays I guess they open at twelve, as per the law. It’s only a block from Saint Patrick’s, so even if you don’t make it to mass, you’re close. I’m sure the bartender would love to hear your confession.


    1. I thought the Backdoor Lounge and the Briar Patch were contemporaneous. The Backdoor Lounge was in front, facing Mesa, with a side door on Rio Grande.

      Of course, I could be wrong, because I may have been drinking.

      1. I’m pretty sure that the door was on Rio Grande, the same door as Dedo and Briar Patch, although I could be wrong because I also may have been drinking.

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