Mellow Corn for the People

I don’t know who came up with this idea, but this product is definitely claiming its brand space.

That there is a bottle of Mellow Corn. I found it on Ash Wednesday at Vitola’s Cigar Bar downtown, and later, at Spec’s.

Mellow Corn is retro. 100 proof, bottled in bond, with a 1940’s label like Elmer Fudd probably had a bottle under the bench seat of his pickup truck.

Retro’s a niche. Retro’s an angle. Mellow Corn looks like no other bottle on you liquor store shelf.

Mellow Corn is distilled and bottled by Heaven Hill. Heaven Hill owes its origins to Prohibition, and Juarez. Master Distiller Joseph Beam (yeah, those Beams) made Waterfill & Frazier Whiskey in Juarez during Prohibition. When Prohibition ended, Joseph Bean took the still that he and Mary Dowling were using to make Waterfill & Frazier Whiskey back to Kentucky, where he founded Heaven Hill.

Get a bottle of Mellow Corn and grease up your ducktails. Straddle your panhead. Call Bobby Sue, and Loretta, too.

I’ll meet you at the Hilltop Oasis.

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