Mass Murderer Treated Better Than Hacker

Welcome to Denmark:

An international media campaign is targeting the Danish legal system’s treatment of Pirate Bay founder Gottfrid Svarholm Warg by arguing that convicted Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik receives more humane conviction than the Swedish hacker.

The campaign points out that Breivik, who killed 77 people on 22 July 2011, has been allowed to enrol in political science courses remotely through the University of Oslo and is working on a book, while Warg is held in solitary confinement and denied reading material despite not yet being convicted of a crime.

And don’t look him in the eyes. He’ll steal your soul.

“The prison services excuse all of this by saying that they are worried about Anakata [Warg’s online alias] ruining the evidence that they have not even found yet.”

Because he’s smarter than they are!

(Read more at The Copenhagen Post.)

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