Local Government Is Absurd

Here’s a Letter to the Editor of the El Paso Times from Lower Valley resident Christopher Falk.

Once again the city has crossed the line into political absurdity.

The city’s removal of the art exhibit in the Duranguito neighborhood runs contrary to American values, where freedom of expression and art is not only a way life but something all Americans are proud of!

But like some banana republic from decades past, the Dee Margo-Tommy Gonzalez administration has resorted to petty, heavy-handed, totalitarian tactics to quash any positive, creative image that the Duranguito supporters champion.

Oh yes, the city offered up the flimsy excuse that the pictures attached to their fences were a safety hazard. I personally couldn’t help laughing out loud at this, thinking of all the political signs on fences during elections.

Margo’s sordid violation of American rights and values should not be ignored by any citizen of El Paso and should be repudiated in no uncertain terms. This is just one more in a litany of transgressions and missteps perpetrated by Margo, one that all El Pasoans should remember in the next election cycle!

I’m just passing it along.


  1. I have seen and signed at least two petitions to recall Margo.
    We need a coalition of like-minded people to bring those petitions together and to fruition.

  2. The West Side of San Antonio has a similar set of pictures depicting the faces and families, similar to what Duranguito had. Too bad Oklahoma Dee felt so threatened he had to remove them. It is/was part of the culture and heritage of the neighborhood.

    I think that Dee is going to get a royal ass-kicking come election time.

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