Living With Covid

Things are different now.

If you get the Covid, you’re going to kill someone you love. Your grandmother. Your father. Your brother.

They’re not gong to find a cure for Covid. You know how many viruses they’ve cured? None. Not for AIDS. Not for the cold. Not for a single virus.

They’re got vaccines, for viruses, but they take time to develop. It took four years to develop a vaccine for the mumps, and that was quick. They’ve been working on a vaccine for AIDS for thirty years, since Dr. Fauci was a young man.

They’ve got vaccines for the seasonal flu, but you have to get one every year, and they don’t always work. The seasonal flu mutates. The experts have to guess what the flu will be in six months and make a vaccine for that. They’re not always right. It’s like trying to shoot a bat with a four ten. You might get lucky, but you might not.

It’s starting to look like any immunity you get from having the Covid doesn’t last. A year, maybe. Six months. We’ll never reach herd immunity. The best we can hope for is a low transmission rate.

Maybe we’ll create sealed societies. Walled cities. The Masque of Red Death. Testing, and quarantines, and testing again. But we’re not going to have safe cities. We’ll have safer cities, and less safe cities, but no one will be safe.

And if you get it, you’re going to kill someone you love. Your grandmother, or your father, or your brother.

There’s no cure for Covid. There’s only surviving it.

Or not.


  1. Rich…I usually agree with you 100% of the time…However, GILD did find a “pill” to lower the viral load regarding HIV to Zero…and they did the same thing with Hep C….in fact, they did such a good job, that the stock dropped dramatically. I know firsthand. I made almost $1,000,000 on just Gilead alone and then had to dump the stock it fell below 15%. Come on man, be truthful. There are much bigger fish to fry. I’m sure you’ve read John M Barry’s book on the 1918 Pandemic (Spanish Flu)…..We’ll have a huge spike in the Fall and a larger one in the Winter…we’ll not have a vaccine. And, already, the Trumpsters have already gone on record saying they Will NOT take a Covid 19 vaccine. Good Luck with that. It will be the culling of the herd.

  2. Rich..I always appreciate your comments and insights, so my apologies for sounding too harsh. Its just that I was in the medical field and know alot about medicine and healthcare stocks. GILD didn’t come up with a vaccine, but a single pill instead of the assorted up to 18 pills for HIV, plus the use of Interferon. Now, its just the one medication. Hep C didn’t have multiple pills, but there was no “cure” unless you had a liver transplant–for the wealthy of course. Now, its just the one pill. Keep up the great work and keeping us enlightened. My apologies.

    1. I was not offended at all. I know I’m not always right. I like the conversation. And I appreciate different viewpoints, especially informed opinion.

      You didn’t do anything you need to apologize for. Please keep contributing to the discussion.


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