Juarez Walking Tour Reviews

Most El Pasoans think Juarez begins and ends at the strip.

If they go to Juarez, they get as far as the Kentucky Club. But there’s a lot more to downtown Juarez than that.

People love my Juarez Walking Tours.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out these reviews from Yelp.

I can’t rate this tour highly enough. Rich took my wife and I on a fabulous and very safe journey into Ciudad Juarez. He showed us many highlights of the downtown Juarez area including the Museum of the Revolution, Tin Tan museum, the Kentucky Club, a hidden bar, some markets, outdoor zoot suit dancers and more.

If you’re concerned about safety, don’t worry. Rich knows his way around, and has friends all over the downtown area. Thank you so much to Rich for sharing his time with us and for opening up the beautiful people of Juarez to us.

And this one:

Rich was a gent and very knowledgable about the area.  Showed us a lot of cool things we wouldn’t have found without him and shared loads of local history.  Great value for money.

And Rich if you’re reading this we were serious about meeting you for that pint when you come to Dublin. You showed us some great bars it’s our turn now!

And this one:

This is a must do when visiting Ciudad Juarez and El Paso.  I think locals will also benefit both from Mexico and the U.S. by joining Rich for a few hours. You can go by yourself to Ciudad Juarez, but you will miss out on so much without Rich!  We went on a three hour walking history tour and learned a ton.  Rich’s explanation of the Mexican Revolution was the best I’ve heard! He has endless knowledge about the history of this region and a genuine love and respect for the history and the people.  Rich is easy going, kind, and intelligent. Put this on your list immediately!

There are more reviews on Yelp, and lots more unedited, unexpurgated, reviews on the Juarez Walking Tour website.

Check them out, and book your Juarez Walking Tour today.

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