Juarez Rumors

The word on the street (literally, a taxista told me at the corner of Juarez and Begonias) is that the City of Juarez is getting ready to lease the land on Calle Mariscal to all comers, from either side of the bridge, for a reported $300 (pesos) a square meter, about a buck eighty five a square foot. The only restriction is that you can’t open a beer joint.

Maybe they read this post:

Now that Dusty has closed the retail component of El Paso Saddleblanket, Juarez would be well served to convert the first two blocks of Avenida Juarez into something a lot like Palomas.

Or maybe they could use a couple blocks of Mariscal, which Ciudad Juarez already owns, and which the city is planning on turning into a park. Because really, who’s going to go to Juarez to go to a park?

Or maybe they read my mind. I’ve got to stop thinking so loud.

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