It’s Almost Good.

the montecillo muralEl Paso is beautiful. The mountains. The sky. My wife.

(That’s not her in the mural.)

And the art. Especially the murals. El Paso is blessed with lots of murals all over town. It’s hard to keep up.

the montecillo mural en situThis particular mural is on the side of one of the buildings that make up the Montecillo Apartment complex. You probably haven’t seen it unless you’ve gotten lost on your way to the Alamo Drafthouse or you’re one of the dirt guys plowing roads out there in the west side wilderness.

El Paso’s not all tax hikes and class warfare.


  1. Fintan Magee is a super talented muralist/artist from Australia. It’s a huge deal to have his large scale work here in El Paso but I can’t help but wonder why the folks at the Montecillo would have it in such a peculiar place and not more in the open. I can speculate but I don’t know the facts. It’s Almost Good….Or Something.

    1. Thank you for the insight on the artist. To reference another City tagline, I had no idea.

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