Is the Truth Too Much to Ask For?

Our local government was way ahead of Mr. Trump. They were lying before he even started his campaign.

Somehow our local government thinks that lying is an acceptable form of persuasion.

Remember when they told us that increase in the Hotel Occupancy Tax would pay for the ballpark?

That the Quality of Life projects would only create only a small property tax rate increase?

That building the ballpark in the Union Plaza neighborhood would generate $25 million in retained sales tax?

That there were recordings and emails documenting the discussion the City had with Union Pacific?

That we were voting on a Mixed Use Cultural and Preforming Arts Center, and not an arena?

That the ballpark would create collateral development?

Where were these people’s parents when they were growing up? Didn’t they teach them any values? Don’t they know that they have to live in these neighborhoods even when they leave office or retire?

Don’t they know that lying destroys credibility? And that credibility is a brand’s greatest asset?

If you keep treating the citizens like suckers, pretty soon you only have suckers left.

I don’t get it. I don’t get it at all.


  1. The truth is it is more difficult to find than ………..The El Paso media, the politicians and the bloggers.

    Bloggers delete comments that challenge them, orr don’t like. The standard response is its their blog or say FY. The media spins the heck out of everything, the politicians always tell us how great is going to be. Reminds me of a kid being tricked into taking castor oil.

    The Times still doesn’t get it. They’re puzzled as to why the subscriptions are being cancelled. Just report the news without lies or spin.

  2. The Times is not puzzled at all. They are wise and prescient. Bob Moore was called back to El Paso a few years ago saving him from an almost certain future of eating cat food in a cold water Colorado flat in his golden retirement years. All he had to do was sell out a whole community and help shepherd decent and ethical journalism into its final death rattle.

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