Is that even legal?

ccm notice
Here’s a screen shot of the notice of the special City Council meeting yesterday. See where the meeting time is 9:05 AM? Really the meeting didn’t start till the afternoon.

Does that mean that the meeting took place without the required public notice, and was therefore illegal and any actions taken are voidable? That sounds like fun.

I’m sure that City Attorney Sylvia “Loophole” Borunda Firth could enlighten us.

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  1. If they had a sign or something up at the meeting telling you it was gonna start later, my guess is the meeting is legal because it took place on the same date was posted just a few hours late. That being said, it’s an unprofessional and classless move by the city to post it that way. I would call it “incompetent” and rude, but the city has enough incompetence to go round of late. The only way it’s likely to be illegal is if they had an intent to circumvent the transparency requirements of the open meetings law. That would be hard to prove. From a customer service perspective, did anyone even apologize for the inconvenience?

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