“Introduction to Quality”

The El Paso Chamber of Commerce announced that on April 28, El Paso City Manager Tommy Gonzalez will present a keynote speech on Introduction to Quality.

Immediately following will be a presentation by Stevie Wonder on The Art of Vincent Van Gogh.

Remember that our El Paso Chamber of Commerce enthusiastically supported the Great Wolf Lodge proposition, in which the El Paso City Council approved a $40 million gift to Great Wolf Resorts if they would build a water park hotel that locals are prohibited from utilizing.

With friends like the El Paso Chamber of Commerce, who needs enemies?


  1. Stevie Wonder probably has a better vision for our town compared to our elected loco-l officials.

    1. Not strictly prohibited, but the Great Wolf Lodge water parks are only for hotel guests. So if you want to rent a $200 a night room to use the water park, please feel free. But ask what you’re getting for your tax dollars.

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