Inter Miami vs Nashville SC

Tonight at 7 Inter Miami plays Nashville SC for the Leagues Championship. I imagine you’ll be able to watch it on Univision if you own a set of rabbit ears.

Inter Miami recently acquired Lionel Messi, the Argentine superstar who many people (me included) consider the greatest player of all time.

Messi played in his first game for Inter Miami on 21 July 2023 in a contest with Mexico’s Cruz Azul. The GOAT scored the game winner off a free kick in the 94th minute. He has scored at least one goal in every game since he crossed the pond.

But here’s the thing that’s freaking me out.

YouTube has highlights of an Inter Miami – Nashville game featuring Messi and his supporting cast. I can’t find any record of the contest on either Inter Miami’s schedule or on Nashville SC’s schedule.

Is it future teevee? Is it a sim? AI?

Psyche! Some creative scammer edited the highlights of the Miami – Orlando August 2 game to make it look like the Leagues Championship final. Good work, creative scammer.

In the highlights video Miami wins 4-1. Place your bets.

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