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Here’s a few stories you might have missed.

From the New Jersey Herald:

Among the charges Decker is facing are the following: Second-degree possession of explosives, second-degree possession of a destructive device to use unlawfully, fourth-degree procuring an animal in any kind of sexual manner or initiate any sexual conduct with an animal, fourth-degree threatening to commit aggravated assault and fourth-degree knowingly manufacturing firearms. He is also facing several charges related to cyber harassment.

From Good Morning American, via an Indianapolis teevee station:

An Indiana couple says the little girl, Natalia, they adopted from Ukraine is actually an adult with dwarfism and tried to hurt and kill them on multiple occasions, Michael Barnett said in an interview with Good Morning America.

And from NBC News:

A Pennsylvania man has been charged with sexually assaulting a bridesmaid from his wife’s bridal party two days before his wedding, according to police. The wedding went on as planned.

Maybe that makes your personal situation a little more tolerable.

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