In Defense of the Ballpark

Here’s a video from El Paso Triple A Baseball (I guess) helping you to understand the noble goals MountainStar Sports was pursuing when they pursuaded us to buy them a ballpark. It features a voiceover by a smart guy who gets paid a lot of money to sincerely believe that a ballpark can get people to move to downtown El Paso.

While I support their goals, their execution disappoints.

One comment

  1. For the life of me, l can’t understand why anyone would take the time and $ to move away from their (probably) more spacious part of town to our cramped – up downtown just so they can more easily watch amatuer baseball once every 5.2 days, even if it means that they’ll probably be paying more rent. But let’s say that there are 5000 people in El Paso who love baseball so much that they do move downtown, how does this make El Paso more prosperous?

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