Idle Speculation

Do you suppose the local heavyweights turned sour on City Manager Tommy Gonzalez when they discovered that he would award city contracts to his friends instead of the friends of our elected officials?

The Engineering Department was widely perceived to have its thumb on the scale in the old evaluation process. Now they’re gone, replaced by some out of town firms who had worked with Mr. Gonzalez before.

I’m not buying into the shock and horror on display in City Hall. Our elected officials wear their virtue uncomfortably, like it doesn’t quite fit.

What are we really talking about? Paving streets and speed bumps? Almost (but not quite) firing our bond counsel? The outrage is disproportionate to the offense.

It’s too bad we can’t just accept the statements emanating from the City at face value. That train left the station a long time ago.


  1. Has the city gotten rid of the open bid process required by law or has that changed? San Antonio had a mayor and city manager did that plan the results are shocking. All of the buildings from that time period are closed empty.never to be used again. Condemned! You should dig deep Rich !

  2. Chuqueño, me curas con lo obvio. The Perry-annointed ethics guy that Leeser and council hired should see through the veil; but alas, most of the disengaged will accept his findings and cynically proceed. Ya estufas con estos desmadres, and have our own people step up to democratically displace these fanfaranoes.
    Xavier Miranda

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