I Can Admit It When I Make a Mistake

The City can’t.

Which is probably why they can’t stop making mistakes.

If you’re going to pretend your mistake never happened, then how can you learn from your mistake?

If you’re going to continue to willfully flout the Open Meetings Act, then you’re not learning from your mistakes.

If you’re going to insist on building an arena, despite numerous court rulings and a shift in public opinion against you, then you’re not learning from your mistakes.

If you’re going to “stay the course” on the Quality of Life bond issues even though the citizens, taxpayers, and voters figured out that they were misrepresented before the vote, you’re not learning from your mistakes.

Sometimes the surest way to lose face is to try to save face. If you’re wrong, admit it, and move on.


  1. it’s not about saving face, it’s about they’re going to do what they want and don’t care if you agree or not.

    They’ll put up with the complains, get the PR firm to find a title for the city and in time everyone forgets. They get reelected and force another decision.

  2. As long as they can keep on getting elected, and there is no effort to remove them from office, or sue them, or charge them with the crimes they have committed, we appear to be powerless. But, once again, Rich is right on.

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