How to Live in El Paso: AM 1060

It’s nice to have someone curate the music for you.

And someone over there at AM 1060 is curating great old Mexican music with no commercials.

El Barzon de Lupillo Rivera. Chente singing Como Mexico No Hay Dos. Songs with lots of horns and strings that make you feel like your at a bullfight, or at least in a bullfight movie.

Or it’s like you’re hitchhiking in Mexico in 1983 and the guy who picks you up has a great mix tape.

It’s too good to last forever, so go listen now.

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  1. Is that Radio Cañon la estacion de las novelas? Back in the day I used to cruise around in my 66 Chevy station wagon listening to that music. I preferred it over KHEY or talk radio. That AM dial used to be something special before digital prevented fine-tuning.

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