by Max Grossman

Adam Powell of the El Paso Times just published a report revealing that Jeremy Jordan, the husband of City Rep. Cassandra Hernandez, filed a complaint with the State Bar of New Mexico against attorney Casey Williams, Chairman of the El Paso Ethics Review Commission!

This is the same Commission that presented a Letter of Reprimand to Hernandez for abusing her City gas card privileges, affirming that she used her position “to secure unwarranted privileges for [herself], relatives or others” and that the misuse was “intentional.”

Let that sink in for a moment…

Jordan threatened the professional career of the man who presides over the all-volunteer Commission that investigated his wife.

And tomorrow his wife will stand again before the Commission to ask them to reconsider their Determination and withdraw the Letter of Reprimand.

Powell confirmed the bar complaint was summarily dismissed by the New Mexico Supreme Court’s Disciplinary Board, which concluded there is “insufficient evidence to support [Jordan’s] allegations that [Williams] has violated the rules of professional conduct.”

When asked for comment on Jordan’s complaint, Hernandez told the El Paso Times “we don’t work together in this fashion.”

LMAO! We do not believe you, Cassandra!


Her sordid behavior reminds me of President Richard Nixon, who used his position to destroy his political opponents, and her husband reminds me of Lady Macbeth, the protagonist of Shakespeare’s tragedy who secretly conspires to advance the career of her spouse.

Hernandez has repeatedly impugned her colleagues on City Council—especially Reps. Kennedy and Molinar—in an ongoing effort to ruin their careers.

In February, she provided an “affidavit” to the Ethics Review Commission to try to take down Kennedy, and she since has gone after him, his colleagues on FOAC, and the Chief Internal Auditor for investigating her gas card usage.

She has publicly attacked Molinar over allegations that he made a woman uncomfortable when he asked her to dance at a City luncheon.

Deborah Paz, who was a paid employee of Hernandez’s campaign for reelection, created the PAC “Women’s Voices for Political Reform” that is attempting to recall Molinar. Her PAC has the same address as Jordan’s business. She has filed ethics complaints against Reps. Annello and Kennedy that are pending.

And now we learn that Jordan tried to take down the Chair of the Ethics Review Commission.

Can you smell that foul, sulfurous odor emanating from District 3?


  1. This is indeed reprehensible behavior, but not too surprising given the crap that our national representatives (not to mention members of SCOTUS) have been getting away with for too many years. We have the government that we deserve.

  2. Didn’t Rep. Hernandez repay the questionable gas card charges as soon as they came to light? That is tantamount to an admission of wrongdoing.

  3. I watched the entire 12 hour Circus Show that Gassandra, her husband and her attorney put on. I thought Casey Williams was the epitome of patient, polite and even handed. I wouldn’t have been as nice in my questioning….Numero Uno, what was Hernandez doing in Canada to begin with? Arent’ their laws different than ours? Then her husband goes along for the ride, fine. But then, he’s putting small increments of gas into their rental car–courtesy of the El Paso Taxpayer. The increments sounded more like “snacks” at a gas station, as they were odd numbered, small amounts…$3.27….$2.53…along those lines. Plus Jordan’s bullshit answers that he only gets enough gas to get to his destination. If he was travelling from say 5 Points to Downtown, fine. But, British Columbia, is larger than the entire state of Texas….and he was only getting 1 gallon at a time? Then Hernandez admitted her “friend in El Paso” would gas up her car so that she could drive directly to WORK….which is a laugher. So, on tape she claimed to be the only one using the gas card, then at the Ethics Commission, admitted that her husband and her “friend” also used it. She’s got alot of brass! And, wants to run for Mayor? No Thank You.

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