Here’s Something You Weren’t Expecting

City Council should get a raise.

I know that they’re pretty worthless and they haven’t been doing us any favors. But they should make enough so that they can pretend it’s a full time job if they want to.

Right now they’re making $29,000 a year. That works out to about $14.50 an hour (for full time work), or less than Seattle’s proposed minimum wage.

We should kick it up to $36,000. Eighteen bucks an hour. That way they wouldn’t have to take any money out of the collection plate when it comes around on Sundays.

They probably still would, but at least they wouldn’t have to.

Just a suggestion.


  1. Pretty funny. We bitch about these morons all of the time. City council and county commissioners court is just a carnival sideshow that we express our righteous indignation at on a daily basis. All ten or twelve of us. The real problem is that we don’t attract legitimate candidates for public office. The Democratic Party in this town is a disgrace. Tejano and otherwise. The Republicans are lost and delusional. This looks like a problem that’s worth solving. All ten or twelve of us.

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