Hard Times

The El Paso Times didn’t come out with a print edition on the 4th of July.

They stopped printing a Saturday edition a while ago.

Today’s print edition only had three stories of local origin. The single local news story was eight column inches on the front page about Beto’s road trip. There were two sports stories. The rest of the paper contained stories from the Associated Press, or the USA Today network.

The El Paso Times had a pretty good network of local reporters for a little while, when El Paso was the center of the media storm, but now, like kittens chasing a laser pointer, the global media has moved on.

There are only three pages of paying ads in the twelve pages of the A Section of today’s print edition. I’ve got to think that it must cost the El Paso Times more to produce a print edition than they take in from subscriptions and advertisements. Otherwise, why trim the number of days that a print edition comes out?

I expect we’ll be hearing more bad news from the Times in the days to come.

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  1. I get a daily e-mail edition of the El Paso Times, and for the last several weeks it’s always the same old stories in every e-mail. I’m still seeing stories from about 3 weeks ago.

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